War Economy

War Economy

Tears in palestinian eyes
hope and innocence
a tired mother who cries
and men of resistance  
that's what I see..
  *       *        *
I believe what I see
it's in my land your army
how dare you to call me
a terrorist!
Just be truthful and tell me
where weapons come from?
from your factories? or our home?
who made guns for killers 
who turns Romance to Thrillers? 
  *        *         *
You can make a world of blood and tears
you can spy with million ears 
to an innocent child you're a nightmare
a terrible monster who doesn't care
but you can't catch this child dreams
you can't burn this angel wings
you can't break our love rings 
 *        *         *
I have facts do deal with
I know how terrorism does fit
I know you want to steal

Rahma Sghaier

 July 13th, 2011


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