The Burning Roads

The Burning Roads

Don't try
to dry
your tears
Just show your
under the
Don't hold them
No one will see them 
It will be like a flower 
in spring
like a new spouse
with a ring
you don't have 
to stay
you don't have 
to pray!
give your Lord
a rest!
and fight for
your tears when
they fall
hurt more than
a ball
let them fall
kill them all
let speak, for once,
your free soul
I don't think
that sun can save you
when darkness 
is living inside you
You can't survive
in a world so narrow 
It's daily killing you
your never-ending sorrow
Furious you are
Now explode 
Blow, blow
Blow your sadness 
and go, draw
Draw an expression
on a smileless face...
Will they feel?
As ice under sun's heat?
Will they feel?
Your wounds which never heal?
Behind the careless eyes 
they hide one million tears 
and like when the tide does rise
Life will be so deep
Break the meaningless lines
Prove there are no signs
you will die when you want to
It's a path that you must walk through
You can end the mental game
After two decades,
you still the same!
Beat your nothingness
with a new mind size
You can be more than what you are
you can see more, travel too far
Stop war time
Stop the crime 
Don't walk with hatred
the burning roads
Red blood will always be red
No matter what they did
No matter what they said
There is no fill
to fire's hunger
look at the blood
falling on cinder
It's like that ruins
are feeding its anger
Will they now see?
Will they now wonder?

Rahma Sghaier

March 9th, 2012


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