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Dawn of "Mani Pulite" in Tunisia?

A few days ago we had violent clashes in the south (starting from El Kamour sit-in and Tataouine) between protesters and authorities (army and national guard).  The protests were similar to those of 2011 (socio-economical demands) especially that the marginalization of the south is continuing 6 years after the revolution.

The violent repression of these protests resulted in 1 dead and 300 injured which sparked protests in the whole country (recalling 2011 Bouazizi).

The protests were in a big part denouncing corruption and social injustice, especially that on May 19, Imed Trabelsi, one of the main members of the Trabelsi clan, made a public confession to the Truth and Dignity Commission aired widely in the country, where he described precisely the mechanisms of corruption and some of the state officials/businessmen involved.

He also stated that the same people and methods are still operating in Tunisia even after the revolution. This confession resulted in temporarily abandoning the …

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