11/03/2014 People in Tunisia ,and I guess in many other countries on this planet, are obviously tired of doing nothing.You will find many people complaining about the stress which, let me explain, is having many things to do at a very short period of time because you didn't do any of them when you had plenty of time...

No wonder people kill all their deadlines before even starting to do the job "don't worry", they say. "It's called being an Arab", "haven't you heard about the Arab hour?" and all the Tunisian expressions used to make postponement and procrastination seem totally acceptable "Inshallah", "Yaamel Rabee", "Amenaach"...

I mean, living in this country my whole life (minus 13 days), it's quite fair to ask: what's with the constant delay thing? Furthermore, what's with this culture of all kinds of mediocrity? 

I genuinely wonder how many people in this country are REALLY working, are REALLY studying, are really making efforts to make an achievement, to honor an commitment, to fulfill a given mission...How many?

Today, 07:50 a.m, Me waiting a Taxi, I need to be in class at 08:15 a.m., maximum estimated time to arrive: 15 minutes. The first taxi I stopped wouldn't let me get in the car before telling him where I'm heading. When I told him, he nodded, lifted-up the car window, and without a word, he left.The second taxi, didn't ask me where I'm going till I was already in. We got stuck in an insane traffic at the level of a gas station.the taxi was nice to explain to me that yesterday, there were rumors (means news) about truck drivers strike (the ones who drive gas to stations). People were coming from both sides, creating huge lines to get a full fill of gas. We were totally blocked, couldn't move an inch.. The taxi started to lose his temper...A hundred "beeps" and curses teared-off the beautiful morning silence.

08:35 a.m. I finally hit my destination, automatically missed the first class. I went to the cafeteria to grab a coffee."Not to my surprise", all the administration staff (male ones, I don't know why!) were in front of the cafeteria chitchatting...

Friday 07/03/2014, 03.35 p.m, I went to a police office to do some urgent paperwork: "come back tomorrow morning" I've been told.

Saturday, 08/03/2014, 10:30 a.m, same police office: "come back on Monday".

Saturday, 08/03/2014, 08:45 p.m., Municipal Theater of Tunis, Words Marathon, Carole Bouquet's lecture.More than 20 people had their cell phones on, about 3 of them actually answered. More that half of my neighbors were chitchatting... sometimes loudly. I actually heard about 1/4 of what Carole Bouquet said. Maybe a bit less, lucky me!!

Today, 08:40 a.m, in the university's library there were 6 students already in. More than 15 coffee paper cups were left from yesterday on the empty tables. The trash can is sitting next to the library's door...

Monday, 10/03/2014, 05:20 p.m, waiting for a friend at a commercial center. I had a coffee and found by miracle where to sit. The whole floor was boiling with people. There were literally no spare tables. Many of these people are workers who finish their service at 6 p.m. How would I know? They were telling their friends on the phone they left early "as usual"..

The noise was unbelievable, it was like falling into a bees nest.. But wait, most of these people are not much like bees (not as hardworking as them), except for the noise.

It's the world of the non-working bees.

Ps: This text is for description aims. All critics to extract are left to the reader's discretion. I don't pretend to be better than any person described up here. I am part of those people...


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