Late Night Thoughts

I've been holding my words for a long time because everything I thought of was self-censored fearing to annoy the reader, to receive "stop complaining" reactions and "you're too sensitive" ones. I've been trying so hard to understand fellow homo sapiens around me and why there is still such a lack of awareness of what sexism is. It seems this word just when you hear it you say "ah! here we go again" "this bullshit"!
I thought I might try to break it down here to all those who are really interested:
- always referring or identifying any woman up to her "beauty" level and how much she attracts you. Instead, nice alternatives could be her name, what she does, what she stands for.
- when privately notified to have offended a woman, not taking it seriously, joking about it or blaming the woman for expressing herself. Nice alternatives would be to apologize and to try to understand why what you did hurt her. To seek more an answer instead of complete denial.
- making sexist jokes, joking NEVER makes sexism okay for a woman. This includes making any hand gestures or sexual suggestive sounds.
- when talking in a conversation about a woman you disagree with, calling her a "bitch" or any other synonyms. An alternative could be a description of the precise problem you have with this woman as a person.
- rejecting, denying and reversing any attempt from a woman to notify such behaviors and reverse attacking her for expressing her opinion.


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