The Pursuit of Happiness?

(The lines below don’t include any new information about anything. It’s a reminder of how insane our world is.)

I wake up every morning
Wishing this life is nothing
But a long nightmare
I sleep every night
Hoping we would have
More breathable air
I dream of a world
with no international blood addiction
I dream of a world

With no international war conviction

*    *    *    *    *    *
I am tired of waiting, hoping
to get used to this inhuman mess
I’m sorry I tried
It doesn’t make any sense…
It took me so long
to realize that I definitely
Don’t belong
That we are daily deteriorating
And aren’t getting along
Why would some spend years
building cities and homes
and then others would come
and ruin it with bombs?
Why would some be different
And have their own believes
If others would come
Jail, hang or stone them
And the lucky ones would leave?
What if there were no
Suicide bombers
What if there was no
Blood on the screen
What if it was green?
*    *    *    *    *    *
Wonder why there are
no serious peace talks?
When war is money
And arms industry
is number one lobby
And killing movies
Are the new “cool” and “funny”…
What peace are you talking about?
They gotta sell the guns!
They gotta experiment!
They gotta own and control!
They need gold and petrol!
*    *    *    *    *    *
I’m tired of being born here
Suffocating under the burden
Of this civilization crisis
If your voice ever rises
And yell: this is enough!
Will it make a change?
Did you ever think
About having second thoughts
About the way your life is headed
And who controls it and who planned it?
Do you seriously relate
to this moral insanity?
Did you ever choose
between purity and profanity?
And who defines them both
And who shaped your mentality?
How many humans have
The right
To pursuit happiness?
How many were forced to bend
And give up on their boldness?
Do you know how many people wish
they were never born
how many times they wish
to end their suffering
once for all?
Do you know how is it like to be born
In the wrong country
In the wrong century
And blame the history
And curse the geography
‘cause you found out that
Social justice
Is a political mythology
Those politicians, to win, make promises
They got nothing done, then make apologies…
And ‘cause you realised
that borders became very real
And are no longer imaginary lines
And when one stands up
And shows he inclines
Toward a fair deal
and ask for solutions
to a global system
which promotes cleavage
And divides the world
And causes more of a damage
Then anything would
They tell you: take those aids
And stop nagging
third world countries
just listen and obey
Be happily exploited!
Because in this, you have no say…


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