lundi 16 juillet 2012

The Kingdom of Lies

The Kingdom of Lies

You know!
this country was never yours!
You know!
you are living under bombs!
Aren't you sick
of walking over corpses?
The kingdom of lies
you built
one day will fall apart
Did the wasted lives
and destroyed homes
give the happiness
to the sad tel-aviv ??
Tudah( תודה)! We've got enought pain! Tudah(תודה)
The soulless bubble you kill for
Is it safe anymore?
Watch the kingdom of lies
newly named streets and towns
Will the Hebrew wash away
the name of father and son?
You built your own fantasy
on the ruins of Palestine
 The truth you chose misery
and suns which never shine
Chukran (شكرا)! We've got enough pain! (شكرا)Chukran

Rahma sghaier
June 1st, 2012

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