You draw a smile to take a tear
You give us hope then more fear
You give chocolate then shoot a soul
You give then break one baby doll
You give us pens then blow a school
You say we're free, it's just a tool
Why have you to give then take?
Why have you to fix then break?
You are the "host", we're the hostage
Let up your acting, pick up your luggage
Just go away, stop your polish
Hey! we're not that foolish
- Our hope went on pieces
- Just hang on, just go on
- Our dream went on pieces
- Just wait, keep moving on
- I can't wait the promised pradise
- Believe me the sun will rise
- After the sunrise there's the sunset
  After the light, the dark I met
- You get sick, I am the cure
  Believe me, you'll be so secure
- I can't believe you any more
  Your speech just missed the core
  the gloomy road, that's what I chose 
  I can't be patient, the fury rose
  All my life long I could'nt understand
  Your duel philosophy, How does it stand??
  How can you give then take?
  How can you fix then break?
  I know the difference
  Between your image and who you are
  You're not my angel nor my falling star
  I know you try hard to pretend,
  How strong you want a happy end
  I'm not afraid to tell you so
  The gloomy road, that's what I chose 
  I can't be patient, the fury rose
  A pen in one hand
  A flag in the other
  On sure feet we stand
  To fight all together.

Rahma sghaier

August 8th, 2011



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