lundi 23 juillet 2012

Chronicles of a Brainless Existence

Chronicles of a Brainless Existence 

Lost in the endless labyrinth of existence 
Seeking the truthful meaning of my essence
In the deepest hole
In the darkest space
I feel small
I am not whole
I am nothing
The eternal dilemma 
A vortex blew my mind
Who am I?
Am I a soul?
Am I a corpse?
Do I exist?
Can I resist?
Lost in the enigma of all the times
Seeking definitions for all the crimes
Who are we?
Creatures of one God?
or sons of anarchy?
An infinity of philosophies
still living in one's mind
An infinity of pathologies
still killing the human kind
The human in me
the only part I can't save
Who said we're superiors?
Who said we're out of the cave?
I can't see the light
in this bloody hurricane 
We still kill, we still fight
Same wars, same greed
same 'us", same need:
We kill for power
We kill for money
Shame on us
The brain left the body!

Rahma Sghaier
July 23rd, 2012

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